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The road life has been good to her and it's going to be tough going back to the fourth grade. My band has a special relationship with the Spring Lake police department, a story I don’t choose to relate just now but will let it suffice to say it’s how we learned the town motto, ‘Come on vacation, leave on probation!’ Then it’s back to City Winery Chicago (12/3) which is just an awfully nice room.This occurred to me on the road last week on tour with what must be the only electric band in North America in which no one has a tattoo, or anything pierced. There’s a kind of heliopause where the road life ends and the home life is embarked on but not quite real, and things are clear, the way the light feels scrubbed after a storm.

The problem with being human is that it’s about impossible to know anything while you’re in it, and we only apprehend our lives with any clarity in approach and retreat. The descent into reality can be startling but often enough it’s where the good work begins. Our heroes are dying off, the days are strange and warm, the river thunders down over the dam in town.We'll travel full band and split sets every night, playing songs from THE WILD and previewing my forthcoming record BLOOD BROTHERS, with Kris joining the band on my set, and vice versa.We'll start in Maine at the Stone Mountain Arts Center (10/20), playing the Once Ballroom in Somerville, MA (10/21); Higher Ground in Burlington, VT (10/22); Gypsy Sally's in DC (10/25); Rockwood 2 in NYC (10/26); The Word Barn in Exeter, NH (10/27); and bringing it all back home to finish up at the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA (10/28).He believed in music as a life and death proposition, and you can hear the hunger in him, that lean coyote voice, long after he got famous and comfortable.There's a spiritual hunger in rock 'n' roll that comes from blues and gospel, and Petty cut the template for late rock 'n' roll while fashion bloomed and subsided around him.

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